Locative Paths

Just recently I experienced a situation in which all control became nonexistent. Fear and anticipation overwhelmed my mind like a a group of Vikings who pillage a small village. The situation which I speak of is a frightening one. Just imagine being eighteen feet in the air and suddenly without any warning you begin to plummet towards the ground with frightening speed and helplessness. More precisely I fell off of an eighteen foot ladder at my job. While being up on top of the ladder I believed that it was sturdy enough to accommodate me, but boy was I fooled. The ladder began to wobble for reasons which still remain unknown to me, and I began the fall which could have very well ended my life. For some odd reason time slowed down and I began to travel through every path and result imaginable. In my mind this became related to Borges' "The Garden of Forking Paths" in that I began to see the various futures and outcomes of my decision to scale that particular ladder, and these futures came to me simultaneously in a split second while in mid air. I pictured myself paralyzed and unable to move a muscle due to a broken back; I saw myself laying lifeless on the ground with my neck broken; I imagined my legs, arms, and body broken in so many places that it looked like a skin-colored garbage bag filled with wire hangers. In that instant, when I was in mid air falling to whatever future was ahead of me, I experienced the forking of the paths in time in that I manged to experience every scenario possible except the actual one that happened. What ended up happening was that I landed, got out of there with a severely sprained elbow, sprained wrist, and a bruised hip, but realised that it could have been worse and I managed to escape the gruesome futures which could have occured.

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