Hey Dude! You Better Watch Your Back!

Due to the previous assignment (which was borderline stalking) a few people were a bit skittish about the dangers which resulted in following a random stranger and taking a few flicks of them. Therefore in order to subdue those fears we would all have to maintain a constant vigil of ourselves and our surroundings. In other words we had to watch our backs. As I was attempting to figure out exactly how I will be able to record myself watching my back, I had a great idea. Early in the morning I decided to go to the local park around my neighborhood to admire the scenery. Then I figured out that when I see something worthwhile and recordable I would just flip my camera and take a picture of whatever was behind me instead. This worked out better than I thought. At first I thought that completely unintentional pictures would be a waste of memory; however, the pictures themselves resulted in being very subtle, but affective.

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